The Art Of Kissing – The Way To Greatness

Any Lover Who Can Master The Art of Kissing is More Than Halfway to Greatness


the art of kissingIs the Art Of Kissing important?

Kissing is a delicate art and must be taken slowly with a new partner, or your partner of many years. It can be as simple as a prelude to sex or a wonderful demonstration of romance and intimacy.

That’s right guys, “sometimes we just like to be kissed and held”.

Kissing is in its outright another form of communication. The kiss can and will communicate many different things depending on the situation and circumstances;

  • Will you get a second date.
  • Affection and Intimacy
  • Domination
  • Sexual Appeal
  • Appreciation
  • Comfort
  • Protection

To name just a few….

  • Creates passion.
  • Revives relationships.
  • Start that new relationship off right.
  • Inspires smiles and happiness.
  • Best fun with your clothes on.
  • Great for your health and FUN!

To name just a few…

Has your Art of Kissing all but disappeared?

Perhaps you do not have an art of kissing yet. Have you forgotten the good old charm of necking? Are you getting close to that so critical first kiss?

How to kiss is so important – in fact everyone remembers their first kiss, right down to every little detail; location, setting, partner, duration etc…

Kisses are one of the first intimate actions that potential lovers will share. On a first date, that good-night kiss at the door may be what determine whether or not you dream of each other until the next date.

Kisses can express many emotions; love, passion, desire, affection, or domination.

Kissing is an art and should be mastered by everyone. Unfortunately most guys are oblivious to what the requirements are for a great “Casanova” style kiss.  In fact, most guys are terrible kissers. The “go for the gusto” mentality and “stiff mechanical” action , will not get the fireworks you desire  from a kiss.

Kissing involves rhythm and good use of your hands including; stroking her cheeks, holding the back of her head, caressing her hair, sliding your hand down her back. Techniques like this will enhance the kiss so much more. A continuous change up strategy will get the heat up.

Your kiss will mirror your Partners;

  • Read your partner’s reactions and respond to each other’s preferences.
  • Kissing in response to your partners desires will quickly heat things up for the both of you.
  • If she starts with light kisses, do the same.
  • If your partner is touching and using their hand in a particular way, do the same!
  • If she is getting downright passionate with wet kisses and sucking on your tongue , do the same!

By matching them you are doing exactly what they desire.

This is critical in becoming a master with your kissing. Remember it is not “How To Kiss” but “How Two Kiss“.

Fortunately, Good Kissing techniques that get the heat up are not hard to learn.

There is more to a Kiss than “a kiss” – you create momentum with and introduction, a middle, a building of tension, and a climax. Don’t stop here but create a ripple effect with highs and lows. The great kiss is not meant to peak and end. Transition from high energy to low energy – passionate kisses to gently grazing of the lips. Great kisses resemble a roller coaster ride

Let your kiss tell a story
Your kiss will have the elements of a story;

  • Introduction, typically not the actual contact of lips, flirty glances, stroking of hair…
  • Opening Ceremonies – very light contact of lips, mapping out the mouth…
  • Building Of Tension, lip contact followed by caressing with the hands…
  • Climax, elements of hand use with caressing followed by firmer contact of the lips, wetter kisses with mouths more widely opened…

Remember the opening line – “any lover who can master the art of kissing is more than halfway to greatness”.

Never underestimate the power of a kiss!

 The Art of Kissing

Which kind of kisser are you?

Do you demonstrate Art in your kissing? Is your focus on pleasing her? Do you know “How Two Kiss” and not “How To Kiss”?

Be a great kisser and make moments that will be remembered and cherished.

Getting ready for that first kiss? Deliver a memorable goodnight kiss , impress and don’t depress!

Ready to improve you kissing and get out of the routine where kisses are to say hello and goodbye –  automatic routine and impersonal. Many couples reserve all their lip-locking to lovemaking. That is so a good kisser

Done properly, kissing is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. It can create sparks and will will revive and mundane relationship.

How does one obtain the Art Of Kissing? Fortunately artful kissing is actually a lot easier to learn than most imagine.

You just have to understand the basic underlying principle that kissing is an exchange of energy, not a mechanical action.

 Here are some important Do’s when it comes to kissing…

DO’s To Improve Your Art Of Kissing

1. Kiss romantically, with feeling

2. Start with lips either just slightly parted or gently closed

4. Part your lips and teeth slightly

5. Use soft and relaxed lips, not limp or mushy.

6. Kiss like there were nothing you would like to do more than to be right there with your love.

7. Vary the pressure of the kiss, slight to moderate to gentle. Remember – model her kiss!

8. Remember to keep your hands busy (smooth but full of rhythm) cup their face gently in your hands, stroke the nape of her neck, mingle with her hair at the back of the head. Most guys simply do not understand the importance of caressing and stroking during a kiss – this is a KEY element of the kiss!

9. Kiss only the upper lip – soft and with rhythm the move back to both of her lips.

10. Move your tongue slowly, exploring their lips, teeth and tongue

11. Add variety, small kisses between big kisses and kiss places other than their lips

12. Smelling her hair & the nape of her neck.

13. Cup her face gently with both hands mingling behind her ears with your fingers.

14. Lick your partner’s lips slowly with the tip of your tongue, the response should tell you is she is ready for the penultimate French kiss

Remember – The art of kissing is not all lips! Proper use of hands, maintaining rhythm and a change up strategy will take an ordinary kiss off the map!

Follow these few simple steps and improve your art of kissing!

Happy Kissing!


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